From the archives – When HS2 was first announced

Five years ago this week, HS2 was announced. As you can see from the Newsnight report at the time, it has been a mess from start to finish.

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  1. They havent done well at leadership or management and good public governance was out of control for much too long: HS2 is only one example

    What do you rember Major for Blair for, Brown for and Cameron/Clegg for. Some mistakes and lack of transparency and subsequent revalations of sleeping on their watches with key Ministers and Chancellor found to have been off course. Lamont, Balls and more. HS2 has not been accepted as the visionary addition to daily travel by the public along the route. There is not the suspension as from the arrival of Concorde and they will not be the sigh of departure when the reality of £50B to £139B or debt for several intercity jourmey time reductions is reconsidered.

    So the larger parties demonstrate they cannot achieve manifestoes and some minor parties explain some questionable intents that Sir Terry Patchett may have laughed at. What Sir Terry may have expressed concern at is the questionable priority setting by political parties in power in the past 20 years not only the past 5 years.

    Cannot see an outstanding leader or national governing manager in many of the national politicians. What do they really think of themselves off camera and out of ego projection. What do you think of them. The calibre is not in the current political representation for national government. Please choose the people who can demonstrate decision making and who will stand up for you and not for themselves. We have not currently got the crop in this past Coalition and in the alternative main parties that have demonstrated the common sense and tenacity for your better prosperity and interest locally. Do not be intimidated by what you cant say or do. Do it as you find necessary to protect your local and personal interests and do not get taken in by looks and sound bites. Time to assert your vote by not endorsing people who are in this for themselves and not you. HS2 is not the project Adonis announced and the impacts on the communities are not mitigated by a buttercup or a wheel washer. HS2 needs to be readdressed with a new team of MPs, Civil Servants and Consultants it has failed to inspire and to win hearts and minds of many thousands along the route.

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