The video they don’t want you to see

HS2 Ltd recently showed the HS2 Hybrid Bill Committee  a video flyover of the route of  HS2.  However they are only willing to show it to people in meetings with staff from HS2 Ltd.

However, since 12th January there has been a page on the HS2 website on the website called the “HS2 Phase One fly-through”, complete with a link – to an oversized HS2 Ltd logo.

John Bercow, David Lidington and Cheryl Gillan wrote to HS2 Ltd to ask them to make the video public, so that petitioners can see it before they are called to give evidence to the HS2 Hybrid Bill Select Committee: here is their letter and the response from HS2 Ltd.

Bercow, Lidington and Gillan request that HS2 Ltd make the flyover video available

MPs request that HS2 Ltd make the flyover video available

HS2 Ltd refuse to make their video available

HS2 Ltd refuse to make their video available generally

(Click on images for copies of the letters).

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      I’ve updated it so you should be able to click on the letters for a full size image: please let us know if you still have problems.

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  2. Is it time the UK realises since Blair to Cameron/Clegg that the UK policitian have not got the attributes to tunr around the fortunes of the UK population. The get rich quick approach may be appealing for some MPs and ex-MPs but it will not return the UK population to improvement in living standards.

    Weaned on a debt based culture and expanding population the separate between well off and stuck in a spiral groups is resulting on more of the not well off.

    What is required. First must be to demonstrate in the next election anyone can waffle and distort but few can lead and govern. None of the three larger parties and 5 minor parties with their inner groups of ‘advisors’ are taking the nation forward progressively. The Blair style became the way to copy and look where the nation has arrived. Without a real belief in any of the MP groups or their lead MPs. The demoncratic approach has resulted in more abuses in the past 5 years. Abuse of planning, abuse of ownership of land, abuse of your rights. Abuse of a hybrid bill based on incomplete assessments and needs. Already parties are promising more magic wand outcomes, more pretences of the speed and scope of initiatives. Cameron and Clegg and Milliband their close MPs are not demonstrating they will change. Is the choice of MP now dictated from withiin small cliques and really the vote each has is still ineffective to get across to the population that the process in the UK government creation with the engagement of potential MPs is part of the reason for the rolling failings to establish better outcomes for the citizens. Some people are required to change the UKs approach and avoid another 5 years of magic wand tricks of next time we will. Time to roll back the mirage and find a group of people who can do better than the 3 large plus 5 small are likely to achieve. Suspending the indulgence in this HS2 would be a start.

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