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  2. The Chilterns and the Pennines and Peak District are each real and costly obstacles to the concept of highest speed rail and silver bullet passenger trains.

    HS2 went wrong with Labour, stayed wrong with Coalition and do not seem to be under the control of the new incoming Goverment due to squandering public money on the current route and buying houses and survey after survey. The PM and SOS with the Coalition Treasury big spending have created the largest hairpin bend challenge for the next Parliaments. Reversal is required before the next Paliament and the best parting shot for Clegg and Cameron is to admit that the topography challenge is significant and coupled with the clamour for more commuter seats it is time to say HS2 did not deliver an affordable approach to the wider population needs. Time for change. No economic solutions exist to Euston and Chilterns realities. Will the three leaders fail to realise there are some facts that will not change. HS2 proves DFT has not got a realsitic delivery plan for transport in the UK in the period 2015 to 2020 currently. Changes needed please.

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