Friday in Parliament – watch HS2 Referendum Bill debate live

The HS2 Referendum Bill debate follows the Local Government (Review of Decisions) Bill. Here’s the live feed from Parliament (it may need a special plug-in and not all browsers will display this):

PS We’ll tweet from @stophs2 when the HS2 Referendum debate starts.

One comment to “Friday in Parliament – watch HS2 Referendum Bill debate live”
  1. Lacklustre debate to devise a question of little relevance when leadership can admit they have got the HS2 idea wring. Not a case of doing the right thing. More the case for doing nothing.

    HS2 was the wasteful idea for the wrong requirement for the least numbers of people at the gratest cost. More about the mistake. Adonis, Hammond, Greening, Baker, Burns, Creagh, Ellman, Goodwill, Kramer, Mcloughlin have not shown the wisdom to stop the project that is limited by the UKs topology, geology and patterns of past development. Less about the commuters and taxed workers paying for the Cameron Folly. More about the Mistake. Time for change and the vote is yours to change your MP who showed apathy by voting for or abstaining from the vote for the High Speed Hybrid Bll. Double decking the crowded routes is practical and will benefit many rail and tube commuters. Not super fast trains that are needed but a seat on a train.and lower cost per mile.

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