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Bucks Herald: Referendum on ‘white elephant’ HS2 would let government ‘off the hook’

Birmingham Mail: HS2: Former attorney general blasts rail line and says compensation scheme is woeful

Engineering & Technology Magazine: Former attorney general calls for HS2 referendum

Mail: Three-hour day for zombie Parliament

Wales Online: Welsh MPs cast doubt on HS2 delivering value for money to the country’s taxpayers

Yorkshire Post: THE HS2 issue seems a case of deja vue, with ominous overtones of Supertram.

Guardian: The level of poverty is shocking’: readers discuss UK urban inequality

Get Bucks: Government challenged over HS2 interest rate ‘double standard’

Berrys: Most applications for HS2 hardship compensation are failing

Northwich Guardian: “HS2 will devastate Wincham,” says campaigners

Evening Standard: HS2 property blight payouts are ‘unfair to capital’

NFU: NFU responds to latest HS2 compensation package

BBC: Drivers claim £3.2m for pothole damage – RAC Foundation

Camden New Journal: ‘Euston on track for more air pollution’ – warning over HS2 and Crossrail 2

Journal: North East forgotten about as Ministers planned high speed rail scheme


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  1. The House of Lords indicated £50B to relieve the Milton Keynes Watford to Euston section of the WCML was excessive. Recent events at Finsbury for the ECML demonstrate that the Railway Companies, BRR, Railtrack and Network Rail and HS2 did not interconnect the inner M25 railway routes for improved resilience and for some diversions.

    TFL is focussed on Crossrail 2 and Crossrail 3 has not been determined. The DFT and HM Treasury have not produced an inner M25 route to route and station to station connection plan even thought Midland Mainline if to be electrified. Better integrating the existing routes and stations is necessary for any changes to Euston. The lack of detailed programme sequencing of enabling works which cover today and tomorrows London approach rail enancements can be resolved with 24 miles of route to route connections from the ECML, MML. WCML, Chiltern Line to the GW Line. With the Crossrail capabilities established now is the time for the Northern Section rail routes to be interconnected to remedy the historic radial rail route separation. Joining the routes costs much less than the HS2 and supports all the commuters from the Northern sector. Solving the inner M25 rail requirements before infill regeneration makes this impossible would be more useful for more people than HS2 and cost much less to achieve. Some WCML, ECML and MML trains could then continue to Europe. The Higgins reports fail to address the bottlenecks of history in inner London for people arriving from the northern sector.

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