Fradley to Crewe (Phase 2) safeguarding consultation finishes today (Tuesday)

The final deadline for the consultation on proposals to safeguard a section of the HS2 Phase Two route corridor between Fradley and Crewe is tonight, Tuesday 6th January at 11.45pm.

Responses can be by email to or online at

Earlier plans for the announcement of the Phase 2 route were that the whole route would be announced by the end of 2014.  That deadline has been missed: it won’t now happen until after the general election in May 2015. Although the Department for Transport claims that this is because they haven’t made up their minds yet, it’s clear that their plans are further advanced than they are letting on – otherwise this safeguarding consultation wouldn’t have happened.

It’s clear this is part of an effort to drip feed information about Phase 2.  It’s also likely that the Fradley to Crewe section of HS2 will form a separate Hybrid Bill.

We urge people to respond to this consultation: we think it is a premature to announce part of Phase 2 without announcing the whole of it. Further we think it is unreasonable to safeguard part of the route without the Government explaining their decisions.

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  1. They just can not afford to upset many more people along the route due to the general election around the corner so keep all the facts away untill after ,they must think the general public are so Stupid to fall for there smoke and mirror tricks .It is just like phase one all over again

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