More on Hammond plans to visit route in summer recess

At last Philip Hammond has given some – although still vague – information about his intentions to visit parts of the route of the proposed high speed rail link.

On Thursday he said in Parliament during his answer to a question from Christopher Pincher (Tamworth) (Con) that he “will be visiting the line of the proposed route in the summer recess.”

Birmingham Post has slightly more details:

He said: “What I am planning to do is spend three days during the recess visiting different parts of the route.
“I’m told that it is possible to see most of it from strategic bridges, and existing road and rail alignments, so it is a question of travelling the route to understand.
“The map conveys a lot of sense but until you’ve seen the topography on the ground you can’t get a full sense of it. I’m also hoping to use that opportunity to meet local groups, and I’m asking members of Parliament along the route to facilitate that.”

When he comes, we plan to hold demonstrations, so Hammond realises that locals along the proposed route don’t want the railway.

We’re collating a list of people willing to take part in a demonstration at short notice.  If you are willing to be called out like this, please email your daytime phone numbers (and daytime location) to .

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