H of L Economic Affairs Committee on HS2

At 1pm on Tuesday 4th November Joe Rukin, the Stop HS2 campaign manager, and Bruce Weston of HS2 Action Alliance will be appearing before the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. They will be followed by Cllr Martin Tett, 51m Alliance of Councils and Dr Richard Wellings, Institute of Economic Affairs.



PS You can view our evidence here: Stop HS2 Lords Economic Affairs Committee Submission

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  1. The Economic Affairs Committee will take evidence from representatives of Network Rail, a transport academic, and former Transport Secretary Lord Adonis as part of its inquiry into the economic case for HS2.

    Parliament TV: The Economic Case for HS2
    Inquiry: The Economic Case for HS2
    Select Committee for Economic Affairs


    At 3.35pm on Tuesday 11 November in Committee Room 1 of the Palace of Westminster
    Paul Plummer, Group Strategy Director, Network Rail
    Rupert Walker, Head of High Speed Rail Development, Network Rail
    Professor Chris Nash, Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds

    At 4.30pm:
    Lord Adonis

    Possible Questions

    In the first session the Committee’s questions will focus on the justification for HS2 including overcrowding between intercity and commuter routes, whether the West Coast Main Line could accommodate extra capacity following the recent upgrade and Network Rail’s dismissal of the proposal put forward by the 51m alliance of local authorities for an alternative to HS2. The Committee will also explore what the UK can learn from other countries’ experiences of high speed rail.

    In the session with Lord Adonis, the Committee will focus on the original rationale for HS2, how HS2 will lead to economic regeneration, the supplementary policies that might be required to ensure HS2 contributes to the regeneration of regional cities and whether improved links between regional cities would be of more benefit than faster links to London.

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