More strife in the East Midlands for HS2 Ltd

On Friday, HS2 Ltd held a summit, chaired by professional train spotter Pete Waterman, where Alson Munro bemoaned the lack of unity for the HS2 plans in the East Midlands. Here’s the report from BBC Nottingham.

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  1. The HS2 organisation failed to inspire because they did not have any aim to integrate for local areas. Fastest line from London to Birmingham. Lots of interpretations of development aims too late after gestation. An poor approach to SEA, EIA and AOS. HS2 considered and Higgins supported dismissing the collective wisdom of communities and people along the Route 3 phase 1 and it was thumbs down and still is.

    One day politicians and civil servants will realise that wisdom in the UK is wide and deep and the Adonis Hoon Rowlands Munro McNaughton Hammond Cameron Osborn and Greening groups never grasped the need for CHANGING the original plan signficicantly before £500M had been wasted during a period when money is very tight especially tax payers money.

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