Stop HS2 (High Speed Rail) Petition at GoPetition

Joe Rukin of the Kenilwrth Action Group has set up a petition against HS2 on the GoPetition site.

We urge the Government to scrap the HS2 proposal for High Speed Rail. The first stage of the plan, just to connect London and Birmingham, will cost on current estimates over £25,500,000,000, or over 2.8% of our ‘generational’ national debt.

The plan provides little benefit to the country and when you study the detail it is evident that it will be environmentally damaging. It will reap untold damage to society and the environment and is simply an unaffordable luxury at this time. HS1 cost £5.8bn to build and now after services have been cut because there is not enough demand, and it is up for sale at £1.5bn, just a quarter of its cost.

There are many more things which will benefit the country more, and in these times of supposed austerity, other things should be prioritised instead.

Even if you signed the petition on the No 10 website, please sign this one, as the Coalition government have said they will not carry forward petitions from before the election.

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