Some Recent News Items

Lichfield Mercury: Decision on final HS2 route will now not be made ‘until after 2015 general election’

Hamer Associates: Practical experience of achieving results through the petitioning process

Leicester Mercury: High-speed rail decision sidelined until after general election

Solihull News: Solihull Council bosses HS2 depot call is slammed –

Cable: HS2 is double the cost of fibre broadband to every home in the UK

Hillingdon Times: Boris will fight the Tories’ cause in Uxbridge

NFU Online: NFU President heads HS2 talks

Bucks Herald: UKIP set sights on ‘flip-flop’ MP

Camden New Journal: GREEN PARTY CONFERENCE: Leader predicts HS2 will never get built

Solihull Observer: Borough MPs on opposite sides of track over HS2 plans

Camden New Journal: HS2 will turn children’s playground into plant for pumping out station dirt, MP claims

Birmingham Post: Giant HS2 yard is ‘battering’ east of the city

Birmingham Post: Two Snowhill sold to M&G Real Estate

Daventry Express: HS2 campaigners ask for public responses ahead of parliamentary debate

Manchester Evening News: Hermes boss backs east-west rail link

Sutton Coldfield Observer: HS2 depot plans could lead to Sutton Coldfield’s green belt land being ‘concreted over’, warns Birmingham MP

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  1. So the PM is giving 40% off new homes for the hard working under 40s .We are hard working and are buying our home by the hs2 line and seen over 40% wiped of our home so much for us. Hard working family’s by the hs2 line

  2. Have I understood you correctly?

    Are you advocating a further Motorway in preference to a two track railway?

    Even a twin set of three lanes each way – plus a hard shoulder/ emergency lane, would occupy two to three times the width of the proposed HS line.

    Are you seriously suggesting that an even greater area should be concreted or asphalted over..? Surely not.

    • Not sure if the contributor is advocating a new motorway or not. But either was it’s a red herring because the alternative to HS2 is not a new motorway. The alternative to HS2 is additional funding of the existing rail network by way of upgrades, signalling improvements, additional rolling stock, platform lengthening and additional track ( linking up places that are not already linked ).

      As an aside though, motorways do at least have the advantage that most of the people effected by their construction can use them and they don’t cost £ 50 billion. I also recall that our roads rank below our railways according to the OECD survey of developed countries.

  3. The millions of English referendum voters could address a better transport policy. The politicians are on another diversion to big this and that. Change the priorities to really improve daily life. Politics got no where with the Scottish splitting. Coalition seems indulgent on divisive internal politics not wealth creation. Waffle should give way to reprioritising of British infrastructure. Promises promises from Edinburgh and Westminster are way from Britain’s daily leads. Time for the rail project of HS2 to be a motorway for many with some extra rail tracks better located and with less damage. UK politicians are off again creating side shows with the wrong priorities when verdicts from the public know what is required. Politicians are getting the big matters wrong. Media is similarly into side shows of waffle and no progress on economic and prosperity. Get real UK.

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