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Spectator: Sorry, but trains can’t really replace welfare lines

George Osborne proposed an attractive idea this week: that spending on state benefits should be diverted into new infrastructure in the North. His conceit was that while welfare spending produces no economic return, spending public money on new high-speed railways and the like will inevitably boost the economy.

Bucks Herald: Boss sees impact of HS2 with his own eyes

Sir David, who took on the mantle of HS2 executive chairman in March this year, took up the invite from Aylesbury MP David Lidington and this morning met with locals in Wendover, Stoke Mandeville and Aylesbury to speak face-to-face about their fears.

Express and Star: Public urged to step up fight against HS2

Fourteen ancient woods currently lie directly in the path of phase two of the proposed £50 billion high speed rail line.

Today the Woodland Trust issued a plea to the public in Staffordshire asking them to raise their concerns over the loss of historical woods.

Hillingdon Times: Borough MPs call for HS2 Heathrow Spur plan to be scrapped

They call for the Government to drop plans for a Heathrow Spur to HS2, the high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham. They remind the Transport Secretary the Spur is not part of the initial preferred route for phase two of HS2 and suggest no …

Guardian: Why the ‘One North’ transport proposals make my heart sink

England’s northern cities don’t need to copy the worst habits of the south-east to become an economic powerhouse

City AM: Boris Johnson to be parachuted into parliament despite quotes denying he would stand

London Mayor Boris Johnson has finally confirmed that he will stand for parliament at the general election next May. Johnson has pledged to see out his second term as Mayor, meaning he could take on both roles at the same time, something he had previously ruled out.

BBC: Nottingham parking levy could pay for more tram extensions

…”We’ve got to link up the city to the HS2 so that may require tram lines and HS2 needs to be linked up to the airport so there is that as well,” he Chapman said.

Burnley Express: HS2 won’t deliver Northern economic boom – Burnley Express

So HS2 is not just a high speed train, it is also a gravy train. We already knew the eye-watering estimate for this White Elephant scheme (£42.6b.) would inevitably rise before a spade hit the ground. And now the project boss is planning to hire 30

York Press: Fight to save woods from high speed rail route

THE Woodland Trust wants people in North Yorkshire to urge their MP to help protect ancient woodland when planning for Phase 2 of HS2.

Various options are currently being considered for the high-speed rail line, and with afinal announcement is expected in the new year, the Trust believes there is still time to influence the route.

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