Numerous comments against HS2 on the Programme for Government website

As reported here last week, the Coalition gave the public the chance to comment on its suggested programme for government website, by Thursday 10th June.

The Transport page had a total of 524 comments on the whole transport remit.  Of these, nearly half the total (258 comments) were opposed to the HS2 proposals, and there were numerous other comments about the Exceptional Hardship Scheme and changing the route of High Speed rail.

Many of these comments were posted on the 9th and 10th of June, following a single email message from hs2action to a small group of campaigners.  The email suggested that people look at the programme for government website and consider commenting.  This idea spread by email, by facebook and by twitter.

The number of comments posted in such a short space of time shows the campaigning power of the organisations who oppose HS2.

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