Birmingham Chamber shoot themselves in the foot on Higgins salary demands

This week, Sir David Higgins said he wanted to pay 20-30 people at HS2 Ltd in excess of £140,000 per year on Newsnight. The full interview is below, but first a classic bit of failed spin from John Lamb of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. While trying to justify the salaries, he falls flat on his face and actually demonstrates they are over the odds, so has nowhere to go except reverting to type and attacking opponents of HS2.

And here is the Higgins interview in full.

2 comments to “Birmingham Chamber shoot themselves in the foot on Higgins salary demands”
  1. Al this extra money yet no money to put blight payments on top of the list of the agenda there answer put up shut up 30 people = £450000 per yr yet no money for all of the problems caused to the home owners along the route falling house prices .If you can sell so come on mr Higgins as you have now said hs2 is for the people lets here you put the affected people first and give them a chance to move on with there lives

  2. Reviewing the Petitions reveals how some hope to collect the spoils of their neighbours’ losses from HS2 dissection the counties.

    The selfishness advantage taking is embedded in some group approaches backed by local MPs and councils who instead of producing a better scheme and a real contribution to their locality are tweaking the ruins of the catastrophic impacts.

    Oh how the UK has abandoned road traffic issues for this indulgence in the wrong route and rail service of HS2.

    The process of entering the no way back tunnel of strategic mistake by so few impacting too many is concluding with fear, anxiety and local divisions of us and them. The UK fragments in several significant cultural ways whilst the Coalition backed by Labour and the SNP remain stunned on the side line watching a great train crash of no lasting value. No wonder on wise man says a Hooray Henrys bash leaving the communities to simply standby disenfranchised by the Coalition and Labour Burlington Boys who quite frankly are all out of their depth propelling the new front men an ex-miner and a down under over claimer into the roles unsuited for the UKs transport needs.

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