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Many jounralists have been looking through the petitions on the Parliament website, finding details of how HS2 will affect their areas. Here are some of the things they’ve reported.

Birmingham Post: HS2 ‘could damage priceless exhibits…. and help robbers’

A planned high-speed rail line could put thousands of unique museum exhibits at risk, create electro-magnetic interference disrupting Birmingham trams and help thieves pull off a daring robbery, according to complaints submitted to the House of Commons.

These are some of the claims made in 1,925 official petitions opposing the proposed line from London to Birmingham, known as HS2.

One of the most scathing comments came from Birmingham Airport which warns the opportunity to create an exciting new railway station at the airport and the National Exhibition Centre had been squandered after plans for a “standard” park and ride station were drawn up instead.

Stoke Sentinel: Bishop of Stafford opposes HS2 railway scheme

THE Bishop of Stafford has joined other Church of England officials in opposing high speed railway plans.

Museums Association: High speed rail may force BMT to relocate collection

Birmingham Museums Trust (BMT) has warned MPs that the proposed route for phase one of the High Speed Two (HS2) rail link poses a substantial risk to the safety of its collections.

Post and Parcel: Royal Mail “greatly concerned” about planned High Speed Rail route

Royal Mail has raised concerns over the route of the UK government’s controversial High Speed Rail project, which proposes a major new transport route from London to the North of England.

…The project is already resulting in mail company UK Mail Group moving its headquarters and central hub to Coventry, out of the path of the planned rail link.

Express and Star:HS2 could kill off historic golf course

One of the country’s oldest golf clubs which is set to be sliced in half by HS2 could be forced out of business, bosses have warned.

Mix 96: Historic Bucks Charity Threatened By HS2

 A 327-year-old Buckinghamshire charity could be destroyed by HS2, leaving the vulnerable people it supports cut-off.

Staffordshire Newsletter: Petition handed over by Stafford and Stone MPs over HS2 amid fears it will be a terrorist threat

A PETITION against HS2 plans which also calls for better compensation for Stafford and Stone residents and security against terrorist threats has been handed in to Parliament.

Jeremy Lefroy and Bill Cash fear HS2 could become a significant target for terrorists like the World Trade Centre in New York.

Express and Star: Birmingham Airport: HS2 will cause aeroplanes to be at higher risk of crashes

Aeroplanes will be at higher risk of crashes due to bird strikes because of the high-speed rail line HS2, officials have warned.

Birmingham Airport bosses are worried that large ponds built close to a proposed new station serving the airport would attract an influx of geese and other birds.

Express and Star: Fire bosses petition as HS2 set to go through car park of £20m HQ

Fire chiefs have lodged a petition against the HS2 rail line in response to proposals that will see the track run straight through the car park of the West Midlands Fire Service headquarters.

Coventry Telegraph: Young HS2 protester blasts rail plan in petition to parliament

Nine-year-old from Kenilworth slams promoters of high speed line claiming they are ”bad at maths”

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3 comments to “Petitions in the News”
  1. Have you received a Sectary of State challenge on you right to petition on the grounds of standing. What is the Government wishing to establish when more people will be paying taxes for a project of no personal value. When the Government does not want to accept wider blight and much wider traffic congestion for a marginal rail gain but road loss.

  2. There are many people with petitions that impact them. How much housing and business capital and income is now lost by the thousands of which the 2000 petitions are only a fraction of people impacted. The UK Government is not willing to correct the route for environment or other damages. It was never optimised to use brown land and avoid some of the open countryside and homes. This intransigence is one reason people are voting against the three parties and will likely do so to May as the intolerance of several MPs and people in the Civil Service and HS2 have gone into a head to head with the 160Km of the Route 3.

  3. Joe’s son hasn’t got everything spot on. Govt does think people wish to work(?) even while waiting at the station!
    “A new deal for rail services on the West Coast Main Line that will bring thousands more seats, FREE Wi-Fi and pave the way for new journeys on the route has been awarded to West Coast Trains Limited (Virgin), Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced today (19 June 2014)”.
    And guess what, he slips in that they’ll add 5500 more (useful) seats per day by converting 21 first class coaches to standard to add to the existing 30 million passengers per year currently carried on the WC. Doesn’t sound so much of an increase until you multiply by 365.
    This action on seating is, of course, exactly what hundreds of observers have been crying out for these past 3 years.
    I would suggest some caution on wi-fi. I am aware of a big accounting firm whose execs are not allowed even to turn on a computer when travelling. I wonder what they know that we do not?

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