Why oppose HS2?

Earlier this morning The Pirate Party, who stood in the European and local elections in some places last week, tweeted that they hadn’t yet formed a policy on HS2, and asked for opinions

In reposnse, I tweeted the following ideas

Of course there are many other reasons why political parties should explicitly oppose HS2. Both the Green Party and UKIP oppose HS2, and picked up votes in last week’s elections because of it. Stop HS2 are having a stand at the Labour Party Conference in September (donations to help pay for it are very welcome.)

One comment to “Why oppose HS2?”
  1. Ahoy, shipmates! “Pirates Prepare to Bombard HS2!”?

    Will they be seen as ‘national treasures’, like say Francis Drake or John Hawkins-( forget the sack of Panama or the slave trade-) or Henry Morgan, who ‘made good’ and ended up as Governor of Jamaica,,,,,

    …or will they echo the fate of Captain Kidd, who started out ‘legit’, but who was driven to turning pirate himself and ended up dangling from a noose?

    …To the Execution Dock I must go, I must go,,,

    So, a warning take by me-…
    … and shun all bad company,
    Lest you come to Hell with me
    As I die… !!!

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