After HS2, a sonnet

By Stephen Dowson

Was it worth the billions flushed away
Down ancient sewers moved, so the detritus
Of all the commonsense that shouted ‘Nay!’
Could bid farewell to vanities that blight us?
Was it worth the billions that destroyed
Homes, businesses, farms, woodlands and the rest –
Spewed out the innocents into a void,
So HS2 could be ‘best of the best’?
Was it worth the billions overpaid
On trains still slower than the internet?
Small wonder all those passengers have stayed
In cosy conference rooms. How easier met!
Was it worth all that anger, grief and pain
To jump on board the High Speed Gravy Train?

2010-2023 © STOP HS2 – The national campaign against High Speed Rail 2