HS2 past H20, a poem

By Birmingham Poet, Peter D Hehir

HS2 past H20,
So where will all the nature go?
With trees all standing hand in hand
Across this dark unpleasent land,
Which once was green but we forgot,
To take care of this growing plot.
The greenbelt snaps a buckled frown
With trees like trousers falling down,
As highspeed tears fill a face;
An hour more – a different place
A field sliced were city bound!
Where hope is lower than the pound.
As soil dies beneath the grass
From cancer of the underpass,
And powers watched this deathly show
Of HS2 past H20.

2 comments to “HS2 past H20, a poem”
  1. With more pages of comments to the environmental statement, an inquiry by the EAC and changes to euston, heathrow spur and the reactions from communities and farms MPs can EARN some credit by debating for a reassessment of HS2 phase. Will a Leadership pause emerge in April as it did for the NHS. Seems the Chairman is
    Doubling the rate of spend with simultaneous starts in the north which has more confusion in the scope and in the south where the mindset of the public is definately against all pain and no gain route 3 phase 1. Who has the sense to stop the clock whilst as with Noars Arc MPs come out 2 by 2 with the bribes for votes. Oh what a state the HS2 is now in. Bickering grows and the public has the measure of the poor judgment of the first reading votes. Pause and accept the confused state of the nation and this project before the second reading please.


  2. Suggest listening to Radio 4 recording Saturday 10.30
    1914-1918: The Cultural Front
    Words for Battle
    1/3 In 1914, intellectuals and authors were soon seen as crucial to the war effort.

    The articulations of people then with people now faced with the imposition of HS2 across their villages resonate. Values of MPs today and their departures from local views are significant. 22,000 Environmental Statements responses producing as much commentary as the HS2 55,000 pages. Can be summarised and understood in 4 weeks. Nonsense. MPs lost arguments on feasibility, affordability, acceptability, credibility and integrity. Leadership style of Germany in 1914 resonates 100 years later to MP’s leadership collectivism of 2014 with misguided plan of HS2 Phase 1 Route 3.

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