Keeping HS2 report secret – not exactly the Wright Stuff.

The decision to exercise an emergency veto to block publication of the HS2 MPA report was discussed on The Wright Stuff on Friday. First the presenter was scathing about the decision, then the panel were and finally, so were the public on the phone-in.

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  1. Please examine the Hybrid Bill Plans to identify the extra traffic congestions and dangerous situations the advanced and enabling works will add to journeys. The ES Environmental Statement Response should contain your interpretation of the impacts seen in the plans and also in some sections of the separate documents Volumes 1 to 7 that can be downloaded from the Hybrid Bill HB link.

    Be very objective about what you do not know from the ES and HB images and text. it is highly questionable why HS2 did not include hard copies of the plans and sections with the ES. is it another Ruse. That is the not surprising when transparency becomes very foggy for convenience. Cultures do not change and the UK has some learning to do to lower costs and increase efficiency of planning and implementation. One man from BP or several from NR will not change this HS2 route 3 phase 1. This is not the right project for the network enhancements or the communities. Many people are applying themselves to better understand where route 3 phase 1 fails on the cost per kilometre and on the damaging influences for no local rail benefits currently.
    Advise your Parish, District and County or Borough what you fnd out. Advise your MP that your vote depends on a better performance than to-date please. Let the end of fence sitting and personal interest start. Prepare for petitioning by reviewing also the Hybrid Bill pages for you locality. Delegate the different works and favourite stopped footpaths and bridal ways to pairs of people to review and write a few paragraph about. write about the farm tracks that will crack and degrade when heavy and frequent white vans emerge from HS2. Talk with your MP why they are out of step with wider public opinions and think tanks. The effort is worthwhile to ensure in future better planning will return for mega infrastucture. Shortcuts are no excuse when the outcomes are very poor as for Route 3 phase 1.

  2. An absolutely brilliant demolition of HS2 and the Secretary of State’s determination to suppress the truth. Let’s hope that we are all busily recommending this video to our friends.

    • Regardless of the behaviour of the Government- perhaps that assurance of secrecy in exchange for total frankness to express their opinions, that was given to the civil servants, was unwise- but at least we can be grateful that our interests are being safeguarded by such august and informed experts as Wright and Jim Davidson, “direct from the Big Brother house” so as to present such a balanced and objective debate
      Thankyou for this chance to visit the Circus.

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