Route 2 Consultation over, environmental statement consultation continuing

Thank you to everyone who used our form or sent the text we suggested to the HS2 Phase 2 route consultation before the deadline. It’s great that so many people want to make their opposition to HS2 known.

However, the consultations are not over. The environmental statement consultation for Phase 1 now lasts until the 27th February 2014, following evidence we gave to the House of Lords Standing Orders committee. We’ll be providing similar text for that consultation – although not today!

One comment to “Route 2 Consultation over, environmental statement consultation continuing”
  1. 3 months left to prepare your local petition. Please examine the hybrid bill plans the show your land, home, village or walk. These are in the hs2 web site under the plans and sections button. Open the document in the list of volume 2.1 or 2.2 to volume 7. These drawings take a little time to find your location identify the works order project near your location and ask will this help or injury the community. Ask if it will be lost in cost cutting like crossing bridges. Ask if the loss of a walk or path is acceptable. Raise concerns about work orders that will disrupt you and your friends and neighbours. Some of the works orders are planned by people who do not know you local area or circumstances. Write your petition and inform the council and MP about the content. Put in the petition in the 1st May. Prepare it for April to give you time. Can each 10 kilometres of route produce 20 petitions please.

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