Introduction to EHS

The governments consultation document about Exceptional Hardship Scheme can be downloaded here.

Key points regarding the Government’s proposed Exceptional Hardship Scheme for the High speed Rail Link are described in hs2action’s information leaflet (produced with hs2actionalliance) – {docs}ehsflyer{/docs}.  This is a PDF booklet, and you can print it out and distribute copies.


It is also worth looking at how alternative schemes are operated:

Central Railway is a proposed new freight route aimed at reducing lorry traffic.  It is similar to the HSRL in that it is of no direct benefit to people living near the tracks. Their hardship scheme can be downloaded here.

One major difference is that it gives homeowners a transferable option to see their house to Central Railways at a determined value: the value rises with a specific House Price index.  This can be transferred to new owners, giving potential purchasers of a property certainty about their own future as well.  The advantage to the current and future owner of the house is that it reduces uncertainty.  However, it can only be used once construction begins.

The Central Railways scheme was also used as the basis for a scheme by BAA at Stansted.  BAA gave people a choice between two schemes.  One was like the Central Railways scheme, and the other was like the High speed Rail Link proposed scheme.  Download details here.

Written answers to questions from Cheryl Gillam, regarding the consultation period for the Exceptional Hardship Scheme:  here and here.

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