Thank you for everything you did, Dame Cheryl Gillan.

Stop HS2 are very sorry to hear of the death of Dame Cheryl Gillan, a long term opponent of HS2.

Penny Gaines, chair of Stop HS2, said “Cheryl was one of the first members of Parliament to speak out against High Speed Two when it was announced in 2010. She made numerous speeches against HS2, and used her roles in Parliament to examine the project in detail. Cheryl remained opposed to the effects of HS2 right up until the end. We would like to pass our condolences on to her family at this sad time.”

These are just some of the things we will remember her for

Cheryl Gillan speaking at the Stop HS2 rally in April 2014

Cheryl Gillan speaking at the Stop HS2 rally outside Parliament in April 2014


HS2 Denham Tower Eviction Videos

Videos from HS2 Rebellion capturing the latest eviction of protectors.

HS2 Blues – Again

HS2 Blues by Acoustic Bears is new a protest song against the disastrous economic, and environmental impact caused by the construction of the HS2 railway line between London and Birmingham.

You can Download ‘HS2 BLUES’ FREE here:

It’s not the first song called “HS2 Blues” though. That one can be found here

Both songs are on the the “Stop HS2 –  The Album” playlist, which is below.

Another Day, Another Load of Wanton Environmental Destruction from HS2 Ltd

The BBC report from to Leather Lane and Jones Hill Wood. Locals came along to watch what was happening at Leather Lane, organising a Toot your Salute to the oak trees as they drove past. the report includes an interview with Jim Ashton who lives by Leather Lane, the trees on which the AONB authorities are trying at least in part to save, with there being a petition to sign here. Mark Keir was interview from Jones Hill Wood, where campaigners are expecting an eviction soon.

HS2 Ltd and Health and Safety

Here, HS2 Ltd CEO Mark Thurston explains the importance of health and safety on HS2 worksites, with a few real-world examples showing just how seriously his staff are taking these issues and social distancing rules during lockdown.

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