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There are many social media initiatives supporting the fight against HS2.  You can keep up to date all the time through your computer or phone.  This web site is the best place for breaking STOP HS2 news.  You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Check out those icons at the top right of this site.


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One tweet, one “like” and one comment every day, is a simple way to contribute to the campaign.  The success of our campaign depends on people like you.   Please get involved and add your comments to our articles, link to the web-site and use the social media.  Better still, take some local action. Protest marches, stalls at the village fete etc.  all attract valuable media attention.  These simple actions are magnified through the Internet, and will influence our politicians.  Share your actions through the power of these social networks and we will all benefit.


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