Proof, if it were ever needed, that HS2 are illegally destroying nests in nesting season.

HS2 continue their ecocide just outside Balsall Common as they widen a road to facilitate green belt housing developments for future London commuters around the ‘Birmingham Interchange’ parkway station. You know, the one the former chief engineer said would lead to the creation of a new city between Birmingham and Coventry. Sign the petition to get them to stop work until their actually get the full go-ahead here.

A bad deal at any price

£50bn - After HS2
Peter’s view of the recent report on costs of HS2 – originally published on his blog here. I had...

Salt Mines and Subsidence

From Mid-Cheshire against HS2 – download their paper here: Stephen O’Brien MP for Eddisbury recently organised a meeting at...
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