Responding to the Environmental Statement, from the Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust have produced guidelines on responding to the HS2 Environmental Statement Consultation.

They say:

Don’t panic!

Yes the document is gargantuan, yes the time frame to consult on it is ludicrously tight, but we can’t do anything about this. Don’t waste any of the little time you have fretting that you haven’t got enough time. Take a deep breath and start reading.

Learn how to use the find command on your computer

no one is ever going to be able to read the whole ES in the time allotted. The ES is available electronically and you can make good use of this. When you open one of the documents use the find box to type in search terms, such as woodland, ancient woodland, translocation, compensation, mitigation, tunnel etc. to find the parts of the document relevant to you.

Make notes

because of the way the ES is laid out it is unlikely you will only need to read one section. Instead you will have to skip between documents to find all the information you need. Keep a written record of the sections that are useful to you, and also any references to maps, so that when you are writing your response you know exactly where to look for information.

You can also download fact sheets with a lot more information on environmental statements and specifically the HS2 consultation from their website. Please have a look at them, as they have lots more useful advice.

4 comments to “Responding to the Environmental Statement, from the Woodland Trust”
  1. Do Osborne Alexander need your land for the national income of the future. Instead of leading the UK people into a more measured future for the curbs, renewal mainenance and future infrastructure balanced in a wider demand plan there is a fix on the use of land for tomorrows silver to sell and let the Hybrid Bill become their lifeboat and your train wreck. Are Osborne Alexander now driving the Cameron Excursion Express through the countryside and urban areas to be able to attract inward funding. Imagine the glee to find offshore funding will flow into the UK to buy a swathe through Litchfield, Tatton or Aylesbury. Is it better for the Osborne Alexander route to go further and attract more inward funding. Getting a project scope right and the route and purpose right are more necessary if the nation is so deparate for tomorrows funding from large land sales. Shame that austerity became the extravagant destruction of woodlands and the extrem land take of Aylesbury Vale and Buckinghamshire for no local gain.
    Merrry Christmas and a Happy New Year to watch the Cameron Excursion Express loaded with your money become the Greatest Train Route Robbery of all times as it expands to include planning permission of wider developments.

  2. Just a note to Penny, Joe and their colleagues at StopHS2 to wish them a Happy Christmas and to thank them for all the hard work they do on our behalf.

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