The Train of Thought

BBC Radio 4 Today’s Thought For The Day, 5th November 2013 (edited version) bt Rt Rev Graham James, Bishop of Norwich

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  1. I read in today’s papers that the transport minster and his pals at KPMG are going to be called in front of the the select committee on the 26/11/2013 to answer questions over there report lets all hope they ask the right things and give them a hard time

  2. A health society requires those evolving the nations infrastructure to apply dynamic and meaningful oversight.
    Also that loss of rights are not imposed as with the 2010 Command Paper before commuities have realised what is happening, particulalry if some priveledges being agreed with selected groups ahead of public understanding. HS2 route 3 phase 1 does not inspire the communities through which it passes. Lack of engagement in the formative period will scar the UK for many years as a medieval practice in the 21st Century by Parliament. Irresponsible planning and behaviour. Lack of rigorous overwatch. Let everyone hope that the Prime Minister realises the injustices during this 5 years requires the Hybrid Bill to be suspended in the name of biased and narrow planning by a team with insufficient diligence.

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