New EHS Guidelines

The Government has released updated guidelines on the Exceptional Hardship Scheme, on 5th January: they can be found here.

If you are thinking about applying to the EHS, please take note of this question from the FAQ, as it may affect the urgency with which you apply:

My property is close to the original route 3 published in March 2010 but further  away from the revised route published in December 2010. Am I eligible to apply to the EHS?

Applications received within a period of three months after the publication of the proposed route on 20 December will be considered according to their proximity to either the original Route 3 or the proposed route published in December 2010, whichever is more relevant in that case. After that time applications would be assessed only in relation to the route published in December.

(Stop HS2 think this unfair, as it is likely that properties close to the original line will still suffer from blight until the final decision about the actual route that HS2 will take.)

The guidance notes explains the reasons for the updates:

  • reflect the establishment of the final EHS Panel which makes recommendations to the Government on individual applications to the EHS, and which replaced the interim Panel from 1 January 2011;
  • provide potential applicants to the EHS with more detail on the qualification criteria for the Scheme and the evidence which they would need to provide to the EHS Panel to support their application. However, the criteria have not changed; and,
  • take account of the Government’s proposed route for consultation on a high speed rail link, which was published on 20 December 2010.
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