One comment to “A Very Slow Poem for Dave”
  1. HS2 Nonsense
    They say that we need it, the trains are all full
    But we’re not taken in, it’s all cock and bull.
    Where are all these people to pay top dollar?
    To ride in a train with suit, shirt and collar?
    It’s going to bring business to homes in the North
    Going to bring money and jobs will come forth.
    Or is it just nonsense, or what?

    They reckon we need it, been planning for years,
    Millions and millions being paid to those sirs.
    A capital project to give us a boost
    Have they heard about chickens come home to roost?
    Just build this here railway, then business will boom
    And lift the whole country from deep gloom and doom.
    The cost will keep soaring, they’ve not got a clue
    Like the Dome, the Olympics, – it’s nothing new.
    Or is it just nonsense, or what?

    More than Eight hundred a day, or so we’ve heard say
    Heavy lorries filled with stuff will make their way
    Along roads built for carts, in an age long past
    When an express stagecoach was deemed to be fast.
    We’ll be marooned in our home, stuck in huge jams
    Oh bring back the bike, trolley buses and trams.
    Or is it just nonsense, or what?

    Seven years it will take, or so they do say
    While we, just poor locals, will suffer each day.
    There’ll be camps for the workers : fields will be lost
    They’ll have to be guarded – yes , all at our cost.
    There’ll be tunnels, embankments, bridges to build
    A track up on stilts, a landscape that’s filled
    With trains whooshing and roaring every two min.
    You won’t hear the birds or the kids with that din.
    Or is it just nonsense, or what?

    They talk in their meetings, don’t listen to us
    It’s money that talks, so don’t make a fuss.
    Don’t bother them yet, they’re not really your mate
    ‘Til the general election. Then it’s too late.
    The papers are signed, the cheques in the banks,
    Or else a back pocket, for their part a thanks.
    Or is it just nonsense, or what?

    And what shall we have at the end of this time
    That’s been filled with such turmoil, noise, smoke and grime?
    Can we catch that train there and save twenty mins?
    They tell us it’s a plan where everyone wins.
    No we’ll wave as it passes, then take the car
    For it’s quicker, easier and cheaper by far.
    Or is it just nonsense, or what?

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