Phase 1 Environmental Statement consultation ends TODAY

The consultations on the HS2 Phase 1 draft Environmental Statement, draft Code of Construction Practice and Design Refinement all finish today, 11th July.

Stop HS2, like many other organisations ranging from the CPRE to the Wildlife Trusts, think that the Environmental Statement produced so far is wholly inadequate. As Ralph Smyth from CPRE pointed out to the High Speed Rail Preparation Bill committee on Tuesday, the full Environmental Statement will be 55,000 pages, but the current draft is only 5000 pages.

Stop HS2 think that the best way of protecting the envinronment is to scrap HS2 entirely as soon as possible. However, we also think it is important that as many people as possible take part in the current consultations. Without world class mitigation, HS2 will not be a world class railway.

We think there are questions over noise, vibration, light pollution, missing data, important local features and wildlife, woodland, wildlife habitats…

For a quick response form, please see the Woodland Trust’s website.

Responses can be sent in by email or on HS2’s website.

As there is more than one consultation going on at the moment, please ensure you use the appropriate site for each consultation.

Draft Environmental Statement

By visiting the dedicated response microsite at:
By emailing your comments to

Design Refinement

By using the online response form on the HS2 website
By emailing your comments to

4 comments to “Phase 1 Environmental Statement consultation ends TODAY”
  1. Now that all the responses to these two consultations have been submitted, it would be very useful to see them all. Would someone like to volunteer to make a web page with links to all the submissions made? Some of us at the Euston end (Camden) are asking around about this but it could be done anywhere.

    Such an index would help us all prepare for the next round, evaluate how accurately responses are summarised and could be the basis for a listing of all the mitigations everyone has thought of.

    Or do you know if HS2 Ltd (or their sub-contractors handling the submissions) are publishing them?

  2. I now see they have wheeled out the transport secretary give yet another load of spin on hs2 .when are they going to give up with this money pit of a idea .he should have the balls to put a stop to hs2 but no he just keeps on trying to put another spin on to his project I have said before he as proberly been offord a knighthood if he can pull this project off .more and more people are against the idea of hs2 and the cost of 50 60 70 100 billion who knows not hs2 ltd .the only people for it is any body who can make a fast buck .if the major city’s were offord 10billion each would they spend it on hs2 no would be the answer but as there is nothing else on offer cause they are going to grab it with both hands who would not .patrick be a man and call it a day on hs2

  3. I now see the govenment may wait until after the next election before giving the go ahead for hs2 why don’t they have the guts to call it day on hs2 now and put a stop to spending any more money on a project falling apart at the seems .and let all the people along the route have there lives back

  4. HS2 MUST NOT be allowed to go ahead. It must be derailed. It will damage miles of heritage landmark countryside. Disruption of settled communities cannot be justified. There is no business case for it, saving a mere 12 to 20 minutes on journey times. Passengers and commuters are NOT demanding it in any significant numbers. It is criminal to WASTE billions of £’s just on some privileged/wealthy vanity project, when the country is trillion £’s in debt already!!! HS2 must NEVER see the light of day!

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