Tory MP’s “self-destruct” announcement in one of their “safest” Buckinghamshire seats

In last month’s local elections, due to the strength of feeling against HS2, the Conservatives trailled third behind UKIP and an Independent in what was always one of their safest seats. Despite this, the Tory MP for Aylesbury (David Lidington) reveals he will not vote against the HS2 Paving Bill on Wednesday (13min 09 sec). This effectively means he’s turning his back on the wishes of the electorate so he can keep his ministerial position. Could this be the pivotal moment for this previously safe Conservative parliamentary seat? Many are now saying it will kill the Conservatives’ chances of ever again returning an MP for Aylesbury.

Speakers at the Wendover HS2 public meeting also include Cheryl Gillan (MP for Chesham & Amersham) and Chris Adams (newly elected UKIP councillor for Wendover, Halton & Stoke Mandeville).

(Two videos today!)

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  1. Please can someone tell me one thing the MP’s have achieved and what are they doing to really oppose hs2 apart from banging on about mitigation and compensation to no effect
    They must get their act together

    • It would appear to be yet another elected ‘representative’ looking after his own interest or using his position in the interest of those he represents (at best) rather than representing the voice of his/her constituency, whatever the marvellous spin put on it about access to PM
      /Cabinet etc.
      That clearly had had no effect even in moderating the more extraordinary behaviours of this Cabinet regarding HS2 and the many manifest reasons why it should be scrapped / not progress until worked through and radically revised.

      The Conservatives obviously want to be the Party who destroyed the Chilterns AONB.

      Comments that other members (across the nation) may be disinterested in the matter and that debate is of no value are telling as well perhaps as part of the new infrastructure other AONB and National Parks will be treated similarly. (The Lake District is the apparent reason why the UHS track will not run up to Scotland…………..

      Given the dissonance perhaps this is an example of where the New Cons championing of electoral powers and deselection would be the remedy
      ……….if only.

      • Seems paradoxical (nonsense) to say he can work to oppose HS2 more effectively from inside government, rather than outside, while at the same time voting for its continuation.

        The sort of meaningless tosh we’ve come to expect from many of our elected representatives.

  2. HS2 is being driven by the European Union. The EU has control over all rail and transport in this country they want their “country” called Europe to have new and fast trains across it. They don’t see the English Channel as a barrier so trains run all over the Continent and on into England.

    The Lisbon Treaty states that this is a “competence” of the EU and therefore they dictate to our government what rail links and lines they want.

    If you look at this website and scroll down to a small box with a map of Britain you will see the towns which are earmarked for connections in rail travel. Cameron is just being a “good” European. He is incapable of standing up to them or disinclined – not sure which.

  3. Many are now saying it will kill the Conservatives’ chances of ever again returning an MP for AylesburyReally Penny – you say “many”?

    Now who might those “many” be – not STOPHS2, HS2AA, AGHAST activists by any chance?

    David Liddington understands only too well which side his bread is buttered on – he knows that 2015 will see a Conservative candidate (whoever it is) safely returned by the voters of Aylesbury constituency. You conveniently failed to mention that Westminster constituency boundaries cover a much wider area than just the wards where the Conservatives were turfed out of office – now you might like to believe that HS2 is the only thing on voters minds but it isn’t – outside the narrow HS2 corridor, voters couldn’t give two hoots about transport policy!

    • Re Davidsons ‘David Liddington understands only too well which side his bread is buttered on’

      Wait until the construction becomes reality and the impact extends well beyond the apparent corridor.
      Then the many will object (perhaps by then too late)

      Our Hon Members and collective Houses of Commons/Lords were (in their majority) equally largely committed to the recent ‘wars’ and expenditures in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan and indeed the recent ‘Spring’. Interesting to see how the rheotoric has morphed…………… mistakes……..breast beating…….if only we had the truth,,,,,, etc.
      As regards ‘the truth’ and the Houses, this year with the Saville scandal, the media scandals, the new Lawrence case, the NHS cases etc……….in all of these examplars if proven (but already the rheotoric suggests that it is accepted) Parliament seemingly ignored ‘the truth’ which has been uttered but not heard (from individuals or a minority) in favour of the institutionalized accepted spin/truth.
      Like the emperors clothes they acted as a cohort in favour of fiction rather than believe their own rational experience or even acted to adequately question what ‘evidence’ that was placed before them. The real problem is that it is no longer evidence that shapes rational opinion but calculated,vested ‘spin’.

      Sadly blame and more importantly responsibility has become mutable and transferable.
      In time I expect we will be informed “that the route of HS2 was determined by the people of Bucks,Oxon Warwickshire etc” and that the decision on HS2 was taken by the people greedy for the benefits that would accrue to them.

      There is an old adage, there are none so blind and those that won’t see.
      It is uncanny to be a witness to an ill informed Parliament deliberately vote to destroy and AONB that they are legally bound to protect on grounds
      that seem contrary to the spirit if not letter of several decades of legislation.

      My advice ignore the ‘spin’ and follow the socio-political gain/money; that tends to point to the root basis for most issues these days,

    • Indeed, there is a ‘corridor of concern’ along the route of HS2- as is shown by letters and news items in local papers- but as to whether it is “the main item of concern…” Actually it is windfarms, rubbish disposal, road safety… and above all plans for large housing developments that dominate these pages.

      Indeed, over a period of many weeks, in this area on the South Northants, Bucks, North Oxon. borders, all potentially affected by the plan, the Banbury Guardian, Brackley Advertiser Oxford Times- and even the Bucks Herald may contain only the briefest mention of HS2 or nothing at all.

  4. Do not worry about the MPs Roger Whittaker summed the behaviour in a song.
    Thet depend on the voters in the end. They like others have self interests also.
    On ground of principle the local MPs should know the rail proposition is flawed so they simply display lack of credibility and competence in judging this vast capital project. The psychology of adoption is well understood and the Parliamentary format is unsuitable for some decisions as recent history demonstrates through reflective views and new posts ex MPs and PMs take.

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