Next Week: Bill, Motions and Convention

As well as the last few environmental statement consultation roadshows, there are two major events before the end of June.

The Stop HS2 convention is next Saturday. Full details are on our Convention page and tickets can be bought from the Online Shop, or from local action groups. We will have some tickets available at the door, but it will help with registration if you have a ticket already.

Next Wednesday sees the second reading of the High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill in the House of Commons, followed by Motions relating to the HS2 Hybrid Bill. The Bill itself, and explanatory notes can be downloaded from here, and details of the Motions are in this document.

We would like everyone to ask their MP to vote against this Bill.

In particular there are two major issues for MPs to consider.

1) The first expenditure report will not be seen by Members of Parliament until after the next general election.  Although annual expenditure reports are required by it, the Bill itself defines the end of the first financial year as 31st March 2015: Parliament will be dissolved within two weeks of this date.

2) The Bill is effectively a blank cheque for expenditure on HS2.  There is no financial cap in the Bill, and the explanatory notes say “it is not possible to give a definitive figure for expenditure that will result as a consequence of this Bill”. 

If you want to email your MP, you can use the tool at

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One comment to “Next Week: Bill, Motions and Convention”
  1. What happened to checks and balances in Parliament with three leaders all well away from the country HS2 pre-deciding you will have HS2 regardless please. MPs are good at expelling others and blaming others but this time they have underperformed with a poor plan and design and cannot self correct or change the scope.

    Sad really when we preach democracy but fail to apply this in the UK on this mega project. Very disapppointing outcome.

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