Parliamentary business for Wednesday 26 June 2013

House of Commons: Main Chamber

Time Business
12pm Prime Minister’s Question Time

Spending review – Mr George Osborne

High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill – Second reading

Hybrid Bill procedure

Subject to be announced

2 comments to “Parliamentary business for Wednesday 26 June 2013”
  1. Perhaps writing to all MPs before Wednesday week to ask them if THE UK NEEDS TO BE CAREFUL AND NOT WIDEN CAPITAL EXPENDITURE FOR THE MEGA HS2 project by £58B.

    Will they please join other MPs to express a preference for more essential local and regional projects and services than this £58B HS2 mega project.

    A vast drain on public and public/private financing in the era of more shortages requires the borrowing of £58B through the acquisition of land to be considered again.

    The ECML has the potential to deliver the southern capacity with some new tracks but will not cost £58B.

  2. In Australia crowds gather outside to express their feelings to the Members when there is legislation people consider is not helpful to development. Are people attending this session to sound there disapproval to this damaging HS2 route.

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