As local elections approach…

As local elections in England & Wales approach, the two parties that say they would scrap HS2 look likely to win votes in some areas. Report on BBC Radio 5 Live, 24th April 2013.

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  1. I have always voted for one of the 3 main parties but not this time. I am sick of them disregarding the objections to HS2 and thinking they know best. They are increasing arrogant and dismissive of local communities feelings. We need to kick them in the ballot box hard. I am voting UKIP.

  2. I have phoned my Tory councillors office and told them he will not be getting my vote as long as his party supports hs2 and would suggest as many people as possible do the same

  3. Couldn’t agree more. And that’s where we see our politicians’ true colours; as long as they’re still taking the money and support of their party, they’re not really that committed are they?

  4. What have so called anti hs2 councillors actually achieved compared with unpaid volunteers
    If they are truly against this state funded white elephant they should resign from their respective parties and stand on an independent anti hs2 ticket or join a party that is against hs2
    They must get the message on Thursday that we will not vote for any party that supports hs2

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