Divine Intervention, the hope for those in Stockwell Heath

This was originally published on the Staffordshire Against HS2 website.

A picture will easily replace a thousand words.

Stockwell Heath residents, standing on road, pointing at sky

Campaigners in Stockwell Heath. Are they pointing and hoping for Divine intervention?

What are the people of Stockwell Heath Looking at?

Is it bird? or a plane? NO ITS A HUGE GREAT TRAIN…….in the SKY?

At 11m above current ground level, the locals are using a crane to demonstrate height of HS2 tracks

The noise alone from Trains travelling past the local community at this height will be deafening, this community will be truly blighted

This is HS2, and shows the height that the planned rail route will plough through the community to get businessmen from Manchester to London a bit faster than on the WCML.

No wonder the people of Stockwell Heath are looking carefully at the project to see whether it is really justified.

One comment to “Divine Intervention, the hope for those in Stockwell Heath”
  1. Well done to the people of Stockwell Heath for showing the trackbed height of HS2. I am sorry to say that Phase 1 experience suggests that this could get worse eg in the Cubbington and Offchurch areas, over 90% of the track bed height has been increased since the consultation on the route. HS2Ltd/ the Government are proposing a further increase in trackbed height of up to 4m. This will mean that in some areas there will have been an increase in trackbed height of over 20m from the start to now.

    Furthermore, don’t get taken in by the HS2Ltd/Government rhetoric such as ’22 miles is in tunnels and 56 in cuttings’. They define ‘a cutting’ as below 1 meter. Yes, ONE METER. Train height is about 4.8m and including the overhead wires (where much noise is generated at these hyper-speeds) about 8m.

    Also, don’t get taken in by rhetoric that modern systems of noise mitigation will make it ‘whisper quiet’. Yes, much noise CAN be mitigated but we do not see evidence that it WILL be meaningfully mitigated. HS2Ltd/ the Government are ‘havin a laff’ at our expense. Literally.

    The height of the trackbed is being driven by the hyper-speed of 400 kph and by cost saving. That is why it is an untruth when HS2/the Government say that HS2 is being driven by capacity not speed. In design terms, it is being driven by speed. End of.

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