HS2 ALL Change? Spot the difference competition

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Now look at the old one issued in March see if you can spot the difference.


The Press statement issued by Hammond claims over 50% of the route has been altered. This is not accurate. What Mr Hammond means is the red centre lie shown on the map may have shifted slightly along 50% of the route. However, this is insubstantial. It is still the same communities and landscapes affected; the centre line has shifted a few metres that’s all. The other thing of course is that there is hardly any change whatsoever from the maps published in September.

Claiming a 50% change is inherently misleading and has resulted in huge press coverage heralding a believed victory for NIMBYs who have managed to shift the route. Our chairman has received many congratulatory calls from people thinking the STOPHS2 fight is over when that is simply not the case

STOPHS2 OPPOSES THE ENTIRE HIGH SPEED 2 PROPOSAL not any specific route. It is also useful to note we do not oppose High Speed Rail which we already have in this country.

The Department of Transport website shows all the new maps but they are notoriously difficult if not impossible to open/download unless you have the latest technology available. The maps are not available in any other format as far as we are aware.

Older than a silver surfer or not on line well tough then. Yet again some whose homes were on the route but not underneath the centre line and now are and have spent Christmas living with the fact their futures have been stolen but that’s if they are can access the maps. Please remember no one has been given ANY formal notification that the route affects their home or business.

STILL NO LETTERS MR HAMMOND? STOPHS2 suggests you start treating those affected with due respect and within the law or your fight to deliver this white elephant will be to the death, hopefully of HS2. 

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