George, look after the victims of your HS2 policies before you spend 15.5 billions on other aspiring property owners

Following on from last week’s budget, with promises of help for aspiring home owners, Jonathan Loescher writes:

In the Budget, the Chancellor announced a £15.5 billion government package to support homebuyers. He announced that the Government would offer five-year interest-free loans worth up to 20 per cent of the value of new homes costing less than £600,000. It will also offer £12 billion of guarantees covering mortgages worth more than £120 billion. The schemes are intended to help 644,000 people buy homes over the next three years.

The problem is all of this is completely useless to the 1000’s victims of HS2:-

  • People close to HS2 can’t sell their old houses for the next 15 years at least, so are unable to move anyway, and are therefore unable to take advantage of the offer five-year interest-free loans .
  • Concerns that nobody would want to buy the homes within 1/2 mile of HS2 (irrespective of the mortgage guarantees available) because of the blighting the Government has caused by imposing HS2.

Why can the Government put £15.5 billion into this scheme whilst it is unwilling to properly compensate those affected by HS2? (The reason is HS2 is already over budget and the business case does not stack up even without properly compensation the victims of HS2.)

A high court judge used the words “ doomed from the start “, “foolish”, “ bizarre “,” very odd decision “, “muddled “  and “unlawful” to describe the governments compensation consultation for HS2.

So – George, look after the victims of your HS2 policies before you spend 15.5 billion on other property owners.

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5 comments to “George, look after the victims of your HS2 policies before you spend 15.5 billions on other aspiring property owners”
  1. Is David Cameron ready to rumble as hs2 heads towards him though the local election box .i am sure that all the people affected by hs2 must show him there anger over this pointless project and waist of public money

  2. there isnt any connection between this scheme and hs2 they are completely unrrelated. if you wish to fight for better and more immediate compensation which the judicial review supported more power to you and i wish you luck. if hs2 is for the national interest then the nation should pay just and fair compensation to those adversely affected. but attacking completely unrelated government policy if just muddying the waters and seems to me to be a total dead end and not worth wasting time and energy on.

    i wonder if you will let this post through

  3. I totally agree with Johns comments.The voting box is the best way to halt this distructive project and we all know which party is opposed to it.

    • Yes I do think it will be a big wake up call for David and his team .to put a stop to this hs2 venture .and save the country billions of pounds ,and give the people along the route there lives back

  4. We are being treated like dirt and thats being polite
    Its about time our MPs took some mind changing action and we must ensure they get the message loud and clear at the May council elections that we will not vote for any party that supports HS2

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