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Staffordshire Newsletter: Stafford MP will oppose HS2

STAFFORD’S MP will confront the Transport Secretary with residents’ concerns over a high speed rail line set to cut a swathe through the constituency.

Mansfield and Ashfield Chad: Fears that HS2 trainline will lead to job losses in Tibshelf – Local – Mansfield and Ashfield Chad

FEARS have been raised about what impact a controversial high speed train line will have on job security for people working in Tibshelf….

But the line is expected to pass through Tibshelf prompting concern from workers in the village who say it could have an impact on their place of employment.

Warrington Worldwide: Villagers unite to fight HS2

VILLAGERS at Culcheth have voiced their strong opposition to the draft HS2 high speed rail line which would slice through the village’s Linear Park if current proposals go ahead.

More than 200 people attended a meeting at Culcheth High School organised by the Friends of the Linear Park, Culcheth and Glazebury Parish Council and local borough councillors.

Kidderminster Shuttle HS2: Something of a smokescreen is going on (From Kidderminster Shuttle)

IS there too much haste in the support for the current HS2 plans?

There are questions marks about its environmental credentials, how it will integrate into the existing transport and energy policy, and whether the £33 billion bill will just suck investment from elsewhere.

Manchester Evening News: The humble willow tit could stop the building of Manchester’s 225mph HS2 bullet trains

It is just four inches tall and has black, brown and cream-coloured feathers – but the humble willow tit stands directly in the path of Manchester’s 225mph bullet trains.

Conservation experts warn dozens of nature reserves and sensitive wildlife sites lie close to the proposed route of the city’s £32bn high-speed rail line.

ZDNet: No cash for broadband: Europe’s super-fast future torpedoed by budget cuts

With negotiations over the EU’s budget for the next seven years now concluded, the continent’s broadband looks to have been the loser.

Discussions over the budget for the rest of the decade were wrapped up in Brussels on Friday, with the EU’s member states agreeing a cut to Europe’s ‘payment ceiling’ from €942.8bn in 2007-13 to €908.4bn in 2014-2020….

Under the budget now agreed by European leaders, that fund has now been cut to €29.3bn, with only €1bn to go on ICT and digital projects.

Woodland Trust: Thank goodness for NIMBYs

HS2 provides another example of the warped way in which we use economic justifications to damage the environment and run roughshod over people’s legitimate concerns. As with other grand national projects, Government and central authorities use forms of cost/benefit analysis to their justify actions.

Bucks Free Press: Anti HS2 campaign finds new home in Amersham (From )

A NEW focal point of the anti HS2 march was opened in Amersham on Saturday with the unveiling of a new campaign shop.

Huge maps showing the planned route of the line and photos detailing where tunnel portals are likely to be built went on display as the shop, in Hill Avenue, was opened.

Macclesfield Express: 245mph train will be a Concorde on rails

…Local farmers tell me the same thing. They’d be off to the West End every weekend if the train moved quicker….

BBC: BBC News – HS2 Kenilworth: Residents fear ‘years of traffic chaos’

Kenilworth residents are warning of traffic “chaos” for eight years after proposed construction details were revealed for the HS2 rail line.

St Pancras Church: Response to HS2

As you are all probably aware, while people may not necessarily oppose HS2 itself, and probably would support a west coast line; the current proposals for bringing the trains into Euston will be massively to the detriment of many parishioners. St Pancras Parish Church has held a public information meeting…

Camden New Journal: Tenants face being forced out of their homes by HS2, as 21-storey tower is threatened rail link

AN instantly recognisable tower on a council estate close to Mornington Crescent has become the latest landmark to be threatened by the government’s high-speed rail link.

It is feared that Gillfoot, one of the 21-storey skyscrapers that make up Ampthill Square estate, could end up being demolished due to its foundations being undermined by construction work.

This is Tamworth: HS2 line will be like M6 toll

YOU are more than right to query whether all the disruption, blight and pain that HS2 construction would cause, to so many people, can be justified by macho political sound bites: along lines – pun intended – of ‘growth, regeneration and jobs’.

Supersonic Concorde airliners have been out of service for some years; however, protest from the international business community has been less than desperate.

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