Updated DfT Info.

New info on the Department for Transport website, including the text of Philip Hammond’s statement to the house.

We tweeted lots during his statement, but now we need to look at the details, and we will write more later.

As an interim measure, the Guardian has details from the House of Commons.

Mix 96 has a list of places where the plans have been altered.

4 comments to “Updated DfT Info.”
  1. I live within 500m of the proposed route and am at a loss about what can be done to stop it.
    I’ve completed the petition, joined the action group but will it make a difference?

    I have been informed that it is not our government that will be funding the HS2 but the French and German rail companies.

    Would voting Labour change anything, wasn’t it the labour government that instigated HS2.

  2. How can the government commit billions of pounds to a project that will benefit so few and then rub salt in the wound by announcing it cannot afford to repair the pot holes caused by last winters weather.

  3. Cheryl Gillan was stting on the front benches and has said nothing. John Bercow left the chamber and David Lidington wasn’t even there!

    Dear MP’s, when are you going to speak out against Hammond and Cameron. Show some guts ladies and gentlemen and resign the whip? As independents you would still be able to fight for their constituents and might just retain some support from us.

  4. No change there then.

    The Chilterns AONB still destroyed for the sake of vanity.

    No change at all – despite the rhetoric about changes being made to protect the environment

    An absolute whitewash from a truely nasty government

    Vote Labour, vote anybody but these bigots

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