Consultation Advice at HS2 and the Environment

Peter Delow, at HS2 and the Environment, is putting up a series of articles looking at the consultations on Compensation and Safeguarding. These are well worth reading if you have yet to submit a consultation response (deadline 31st January).

The first four are:

Keeping things safeThe Property & Compensation Consultation, part 1

The folks at HS2 Ltd are really big on drawing lines on maps and have just issued a whole new set for our delectation. These maps are designed to inform the public consultation on the proposed HS2 property compensation provisions.

A bit on the sideThe Property & Compensation Consultation, part 2

…In this blog I shall complete the description of the HS2 safeguarding proposals that I began in my blog Keeping things safe (posted 29 Dec 2012) and explain the proposals for a further, non-statutory area that HS2 Ltd has drawn on the maps supporting the public consultation on the proposed HS2 property compensation provisions….

Crumbs of comfortThe Property & Compensation Consultation, part 3

Until I started researching the statutory provisions for compensation that apply in the UK for the public consultation that was held on the Exceptional Hardship Scheme in 2010, I didn’t realise just how limited is the relief offered. As well as the limited scope of the provisions, there is also a question of timing. Some of the provisions for HS2 will come into place when the safeguarding directions that I mentioned in my blog Keeping things safe (posted 29 Dec 2012) are made, but the full suite of measures will not all be available until one year after HS2 Phase 1 has been in operation – currently scheduled to be 2027.

A few crumbs moreThe Property & Compensation Consultation, part 4

In my blog Crumbs of comfort (posted 4 Jan 2013) I described the way that the compensation due to a householder whose property is subject to a compulsory purchase order is calculated. In this blog I will look at a way that statute provides to pre-empt such an order and the compensation provisions available to a householder living near to a development, but whose property is not required to be compulsorily purchased.

One comment to “Consultation Advice at HS2 and the Environment”
  1. These can help residential communities and there is the need for other articles by people specialising in farming and farms.

    There is the need also to determine if HS2 and DFT did not address health impact assessments HIA and community risks assessments as well as some railway risks for dewirements in the rush to promote HS2 Route 3 against alternatives.

    There are several ways to arrive in middle England and onwards to Sctoland without crossing rural Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.

    Compensation is no substitute for loss of heritage rural cultures.

    The local and county councils can assist with the requirement for alternatives to road and bridge locations and to the location of HS2 Route 3.

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