HS2 News Roundup

The Scotsman: Brian Wilson: Side tracked from the real priority

“…For good measure, a study by Glasgow City Council has identified High Street as the best – and possibly only – site for an HS2 station so we would have the “world-class transport hub” a few hundred yards along the road at Queen Street while an entirely new complex would be required to accommodate the even-Higher Speed link that was touted this week…..

“According to Ms Sturgeon’s political vision, Scotland will have become a separate state a full decade before we are even shuttling between Glasgow and Edinburgh in half an hour. At that point, our economic welfare will be no business of the state we left behind. We will be rivals for investment. There is no obvious reason why they would build a High Speed Railway line to Berwick in order to help us out of our difficulties.”

Herald Scotland (letter): Improving passenger rail links not guaranteed to boost the economy

The successes of Ireland and Iceland, lauded before their economies crashed, had nothing to do with railways.

France and Japan, with well established high-speed rail systems, have stagnant economies. Spain has recently spent vast amounts on its railways, with many high-speed trains, but its economy is in tatters.

Wales Online: Silk Commission: ‘Be wary of Tories bearing gifts,’ MP warns

“Next week’s report by the Silk Commission on new financial powers for the Assembly threatens to be a Silk Cut that will leave Wales worse off, writes Swansea West MP Geraint Davies”

“…Historically Wales has received just 2.5% of transport funding – half the amount our “fair share” based on population. Most recently the Coalition Government has agreed to spend a massive £32.9bn on the High Speed 2 rail link between North and South England without giving Wales its fair share of £1.9bn.

“But we need an east-west high speed link provided at the same time to ensure HS2 doesn’t divert inward investment destined for Wales into North England!”

BBC: PM to crack down on ‘time-wasting’ appeals

And Friends of the Earth’s Executive Director Andy Atkins said the planning system played “an important role in protecting our green and pleasant land”.

He added: “It mustn’t become a scapegoat for the government’s economic failings.

“EU rules protect peoples’ legal right to defend their environment – any moves to prevent this may well be unlawful. Protecting the environment and boosting the economy are two sides of the same coin.”

Kenilworth Weekly News: ‘Don’t take HS2 lying down’ warn town councillors

BLIGHTED homeowners have been urged not to be apathetic in the fight against HS2 before compensation sessions come to town.

Town councillors wrote to new secretary of state, Patrick McLoughlin to make their opposition to the government’s plans for the high speed rail track clear.

And they have urged everyone against the plans to follow suit to ensure the town is not seen as willing to take any unpopular developments thrown at it.

Bucks Advertiser: Anger after key areas omitted from HS2 roadshows

Denham Against HS2 member Frank Partridge said: “It is madness not to have a roadshow here, and is another example of HS2 Ltd ignoring people in Denham.

“This should be one of the very first places for a roadshow because it is so badly affected by HS2, but we find ourselves ignored.

“Our nearest meeting is now in Chalfont St Peter or Ruislip, which means that lots of people, especially the elderly, will be unable to attend.”

The news has also caused criticism from those living in other areas missed by the new roadshows.

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