Who are all these “action groups”?

There are many groups involved in the fight against the government’s HS2 proposals. Each of us is linked through regular meetings of action group chairs, to coordinate overall campaign strategy…

Local Action Groups
Local Action Groups have been formed all along the proposed route, and at other locations the line may impact. The local action groups are organising local anti-HS2 activities and coordinating the campaign at the local level.

HS2 Action Alliance
The HS2 Action Alliance are working for fair and just compensation, and to minimise the adverse impacts of HS2 on individuals, communities and the environment.

STOP HS2 are a leading the national campaign to stop HS2, arguing that there is no business case, no environmental case and no money to pay for it.

Other Groups
In addition to the above action groups, many existing national and regional conservation and environmental groups are against the HS2 proposal. Also, many local and district councils are opposed to HS2.

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