New analysis of business case published

Our fellow campaigners at HS2 Action Alliance have been working hard on analysing the HS2 business case.  The documents they published today are well worth reading.

Their detailed, 44 page, analysis of the HS2 business case can be downloaded from them, here.

The other document is a review, critiquing the so-called transformational benefits of HS2, which again you can download from their site here.

Some of this information is in our myths and quotes leaflet, which was given out to everyone who attended the Parliamentary Lobby Day in October.  It is a short and non-technical summary of the case against HS2.

Please print out and distribute copies of this leaflet – it is also available in our Toolbox section, along with a selection of posters for download.

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One comment to “New analysis of business case published”
  1. You only have to look at the current users of the Virgin service from Birmingham International to Euston to see this proposed line will only be for a few very, very rich people, some of whom are commuting !. Stand alongside the current line, thousands of acres of land totally dedicated to rail travel, and see how many trains use it at peak times. I fail to see how any business case can be argued for 17th century technology, to soak up so much money and so much land, for so few people to join the jam on the Euston Road or the roasting sardines on the London tubes.

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