In line with our funding appeal, a film starring Ellie and Joe

As we currently have a funding appeal on for both a new White Elephant and our activities on the second stage of HS2 when it is announced, it’s probably a good idea to show how Joe and Ellie went up the to Eastern leg of HS2 to promote awareness of the project last year, with the video of Day Three of the Great White Elephant Hunt, filmed in Harrogate, Leeds, Wrose (Bradford), Halifax and Deighton & Sheepridge (Huddersfield). Due to not getting the funding for petrol (no over night stays, Joe and Ellie slept in the van), there never was a Western tour.

No Elephants were harmed in the production of this video. No really, the kids were far more careful than many of the Action Groups have been!

The STOP HS2 campaign is currently running an urgent funding appeal.

To pay direct into our bank account or preferably set up a standing order to help ensure we have regular funding, the details are; Lloyds-TSB, Sort Code 30-94-93, Account no, 34934760. Anyone wishing to donate to Stop HS2 should send a cheque made payable to “Stop HS2″ to Stop HS2, c/o Roger Waller, Treasurer, The Outlook, Dunsmore, Wendover, Bucks. HP22 6QJ.

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  1. I am completely against HS2 on every aspect – it’s poor value for money, will cause massive environmental damage, it’s going to be underutilised when we all get better internet and videoconferencing in jus the next few years, it has and will blight my life and my home for many years to come yet, and it’s the wrong solution to the transport problem.

    But I am appalled that all this fuss is being made to raise money for an INFLATABLE WHITE ELEPHANT. How the hell do we expect people to take us seriously when the biggest bit of news to come out of the opposition to HS2 since the Judicial Review was granted was that STOPHS2 is urgently seeking funds for its INFLATABLE WHITE ELEPHANT?

    It smacks of amateur and puerile on every level. How the hell can our opposition be taken seriously when this kind of issue makes the headlines?!

    For goodness sake let’s spend the money (and I am a donor to anti HS2 funds) on decent PR, more proper press coverage of the considered, data based arguments against HS2, not on a gimmick like this. Please.

    • Hi Lucy

      I too was highly sceptical that a new Ellie was the best use of funds but having spoken to a number of people who know much more about PR than I do (including several local papers),was convinced that a campaign has to have something that grabs the media’s attention if you are to have any chance of getting coverage.
      In my opinion Ellie certainly does that

      • Hi John and thanks for your response.

        I wish I could agree. I still think it’s amateutish, parochial, gimmicky and no replacement for hard data. It’s made us the laughing stock of pro HS2 folk.

        I would like my funds to be spent on building up an alternative business case for not proceeing with HS2. Not on making us a joke, or simply on attacking the current business case.

        We need to find a business person who is nationally respected, who can speak up for us and give us credibility. Not a white elephant. Really not.

  2. A family from Leeds sharing our holiday accommodation in Devon last week hadn’t heard of HS2. Their grandmother, who now lives in France, told me that she wouldn’t want to do her regular journeys to visit the family by any other method than her car – which is generally full of French goods for family and friends on the way here, and English goods to take back. She wouldn’t use the high speed train however much the ticket cost.

    When we packed our cars to come home, all four families leaving were full to the roof – one wealthy family of four had even come in a people carrier AND a large saloon car, both of which were full of belongings and items purchased during their holiday.

    These people are helping local economies by spending money in establishments that rely on their custom. They were using their cars all week – popping to visit attractions and shops, all needing us to spend our money for businesses to survive. Many have had a drop in visitors this year.

    If the visitors had travelled by high-speed train they would not have been able to carry with them many the goods they had purchased, or visited many of the splendid attractions off the beaten track.

    So even some of the wealthy people won’t be wanting to use HS2!

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