Two years of the Exceptional Hardship Scheme

It’s two years since the EHS scheme came into play on 20th August 2010

(Announcement on Stop HS2 website from two years ago – EHS, the HS2 compensation scheme – You’d have been better off in 1844.)

As the HS2 Ltd website shows, the number of rejections far exceeds the number of acceptances, with just 76 homeowners being accepted, and only 52 sales completed.

With the consultation on compensation, originally due for Spring this year, being delayed, is it any wonder that afflicted homeowners feel let down by the process and by the Secretary of State for Transport? Especially as this would be the third consultation on compensation issues.

Received EHS applications analysis


To date 1 August 2012
Number of applications received 381
Number of applications which are reapplications 96
Number of applications withdrawn by the applicants 9
Average time in weeks for a decision under the final panel (excluding waiting time for additional documentation requested by the Secretariat) 7.05
Number of applications accepted under the EHS 76
Number of applications rejected under the EHS 269
Number of applications pending a decision 27
Number of formal offers accepted by applicants 66
Number of purchases which have completed 52
Number of properties rented out 42
Total value of those properties where the purchase is completed £29,065,574
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