Youtube: Big Questions need answering

Big questions need answering following revelations that documents submitted to the public consultation went missing. The DfT admits that it mislaid 413 responses to the HS2 consultation but says they wouldn’t have made any difference to their decision to proceed with HS2. Opponents of HS2 say that it indicates that the result of the consultation was pre-determined at the outset. A legal challenge to HS2 has now got the go-ahead. Alison Mackenzie reports for ITV Central News from Tuesday 31st July 2012.

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  1. Please could you tell me if the recent government approval of the budget for track electrification and improvements on existing lines from London/ Watford to Birmingham will help to weaken the case against HS2 or are the two projects not being linked?

    • The rail improvements recently announced by the Government weaken the case against HS2. If you look through the articles on this website, you’ll find more about what we think about them.

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