Help Stop HS2 to get HS2 cancelled

Campaigns like Stop HS2 are often most effective when they include some element of direct action. This helps to create public awareness and puts pressure on politicians.

Sometimes this is waving placards, like our recent demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament other times it involves delivering an advent calendar to Chequers.

And this is where we really need your help – to generate new ideas and develop plans.

Stop HS2 are holding a meeting so that people opposed to HS2 can help to brainstorm ideas, and start to plan how we can put them into action.

The meeting is on 5th August, at Brackley Town Hall, Market Place, Brackley, NN13 7AB at 2.45pm

All our supporters are welcome and those who want to find out more and help us.

Hope you can come, and bring your ideas!

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