HS2 Consultation – did they ignore your reply?

In a blandly titled statement – High Speed Rail: Phase 1 Consultation Update – published on Tuesday, the Government were forced to admit they forgot to include some consultation responses. The statement is on the Dft website here and in Hansard here.

The error came to light after the Government published the consultation responses online at the end of May.

Most of the responses that were missed had been emailed to the Department, and the Dft says they had been “unintentionally not forwarded to Dialogue by Design for analysis.”

But the missing 413 responses didn’t actually matter, says Greening, because they wouldn’t have made her change her decision.

Greening said that all the affected respondents would be contacted.

If you are one of these people, it would be really interesting to see what excuses the Department for Transport gives.

You can send it to challenge@stophs2.org .

We’re also collecting information on problems with the community forums,  which can also be sent to challenge@stophs2.org.

3 comments to “HS2 Consultation – did they ignore your reply?”
  1. This whole thing has been and continues to be very undemocratic from the very flawed consultation process to the sham of the readshows to the bias and restrictive nature of the community forums.

  2. What’s 413 unconsidered responses to the consultation, Justine, when none of the other 55000 counted for anything either, eh?

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