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Could HS2 be the latest u-turn?
Could HS2 be the latest u-turn?

With speculation fueled by the Spectator and Conservative Home that HS2 is about to hit the buffers, there has been a lot of coverage for HS2 recently.

The Spectator:  The train to nowhere by Ross Clark

“HS2 has been quietly dropped – but who is going to tell the Prime Minister?… To the outside world, ministers are admitting nothing. But the signals are there, for those with an eye to see them”

Meridian: Government says it’s committed

“There has been no change of heart and no change of policy. We continue to work towards the business plan.” says the Department for Transport.

Bucks Herald PM’s HS2 comments spark twitter debate

Meanwhile this week Commons Speaker and Vale MP John Bercow said he believes the government will do a U-turn on HS2 – whilst stressing that he had no evidence to back up the claim….
“From time to time governments do change tack. They tend to deny it until the last minute and then do it.”

Uxbridge Gazette Would you trust this lot with anything?

“So HS2 want us to trust them with our house values, tunnelling near and under homes, road closures, protection of wildlife, re-siting facilities, businesses, electricity pylons and even ancient woodlands.

“Hell they even want us to trust them with the safety of our children and our health. But sadly the fact is we could not trust them to arrange the proverbial booze up in a brewery!

“So what have the money grabbing and money spending ‘eejits’ been up to lately? Well, since the farce that was our March community forum, they…”

Camden New Journal: NEW JOURNAL COMMENT: After HS2 chief executive watches video nasty, are the wheels coming off high-speed rail project?

“Aware of the fearful loss facing families on Regent’s Park estate we had no choice than to oppose HS2 the very first week the project was made public….This was exhibited in a moving film about the loss of homes on the estate , shown to HS2 chief executive Alison Munro who was at a crowded meeting.”

Daily Mail: Bulldozer ballet, a sex-mad smurf- it’s Uncle Rich’s Olympic jamboree

Then the entire set turns into a giant illegal rave and the new High Speed Train forges across the stadium, demolishing hundreds of square miles of outstanding natural beauty.

The Daily Mail depicts a more true to life version of the Olympics opening ceremony

The Daily Mail depicts a more true to life version of the Olympics opening ceremony

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