Petition – over 20,000

The online Stop HS2 petition reached 20,000 signatures at the weekend.

We are over a fifth of the way to getting 100,000 signatures – and that’s important because in February, David Cameron said any petition with over 100,000 signatures will be debated in Parliament.

We know politicians are taking the anti HS2 campaign seriously.  David Cameron spoke out in favour of HS2 last week and Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Transport, is appearing at a Birmingham Chamber of Commerce event on high speed rail today.  It’s clear that they are getting rattled by the opposition to the plans.

We need to keep up the pressure.

Write to David Cameron, demanding a public consultation that considers alternative ways of doing high speed rail.

Write to Philip Hammond, about your specific issues with high speed rail.

And write to your MP, demanding he or she uses her position in Parliament to fight the proposals.

5 comments to “Petition – over 20,000”
  1. This Railway Line will spoil some of the most beautiful countryside going through the Chilterns. just to reach Birmingham in a mere 40 minutes quicker.

    • It’s not even 40 minutes.

      HS2 dumps you outside Birmingham, you need to change trains to get into town.

      City centre to city centre, HS2 is 20 minutes faster than Virgin now, however Virgin are taking 10 minutes out of that next year resulting in a maximum improvement of 5-10 minutes.

      Well worth £17bn plus the destruction of the chilterns that ?

      Personally for the sake of 10 minutes I’d rather do the journey in 1 hop rather than changing trains.

      But then, what do I know when it comes to the PMs new vanity project ?

  2. hi i think its wrong to run a line though one of if not the most historic lakes in the country and it will be taking away some off our heritage thanks and hpe we can stop this michael stephenson

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