From the HS2 Ltd Glossary

An unpublished Department for Transport manual has been discovered. These are taken from the Glossary at the back.

HS2 – how to simply spend lots of money we haven’t got

Route – a line on a map which could move anywhere if the pencil breaks and we have to rub a bit out

Consultation – public’s views are called for (and ignored) on a decision already set in stone

Compensation – what they had before we published our plans, and we think they won’t miss

Consultation on compensation scheme – will be repeated until they give up or we get the answers we want

Stakeholders – very unpopular with the Department, as they make lots of noise and wave placards, occasionally writing long reports which we immediately throw into our ultimate filing system

Economic benefits – the transfer of public money to private interests

Wider economic benefits – the untraceable transfer of public money to private interests

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  1. STOPHS2 Glossary: Euphemistic term used to cover periodic outbreaks of naked cynicism motivated by all too obvious self-interested agenda

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